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January 27, 2020
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Nutcracker offers two options for you to access the Nutcracker Services of your choice: either you host the applications within your own IT environment, or you choose to let Nutcracker manage the system up-time, connectivity and data security for you and host your service modules on Nutcracker Nexus.

Nutcracker Nexus is our Software-as-a-Service option, providing you with access to the full bouquet of the Nutcracker Services, without the need for huge capital outlay in terms of servers, IT capability and maintenance. Solutions are hosted on our servers, and we will take on the responsibility of connectivity to the JSE and management of the environment and security. The upshot of this for you is lower total cost of ownership and higher levels of service. Nutcracker Nexus is available as an access option for TraderPro, PortfolioPro and Web Portal Solution. It is billed per user and is therefore a cost effective option for smaller organisations, as well as being ideal for large enterprises that do not want the hassle of running and maintaining their own server environment. 
Put the power in your hands with Nutcracker's In-house Server Solution. With this method of access, servers and connectivity to the JSE are managed in-house at your premises. We will install your chosen custom solution like TraderPro of PortfolioPro on your servers and will manage the application on the basis of a Service Level Agreement.

You keep control and remain in charge of the overall running of the environment and will be responsible for the management of security as well as data storage and recovery.