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January 27, 2020
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Nutcracker is a specialist in developing technology for anyone who requires real-time access to financial markets and supporting information and functionality. We understand the dynamic demands of trading environments and develop our solutions accordingly. Our service oriented architecture connects to an ever increasing number of markets and instruments for data feeds and trading. Our solutions facilitate processing and viewing this data in a transparent and effective way. Since 2000 Nutcracker serves a South African and international client-base from our offices in Johannesburg.


The Nutcracker team is a group of committed industry professionals that have been working together for over 10 years now. To enable the efficient running of our core business we have three main competencies in our team:
  • Solution development: Solution development keeps the Nutcracker platform and service offering state of the art and in line with customer and JSE requirements. They keep abreast of the latest technological developments worldwide and see how these could further enhance the Nutcracker systems.
  • Customisation & Implementation: Customisation & Implementation manages both client implementation projects and development projects to make sure these are delivered according to set specifications.
  • Support: The Support team members proactively monitor Nutcracker’s systems and ensure these are up and running during your crucial business hours. They assist the Nutcracker users with training and run the helpdesk for all queries.

Nutcracker was launched in 2000, the brainchild of Mike Casey, who brought his business acumen and financial expertise to the mix, and Dean Casey, who has vast technical know-how and an extensive understanding of financial markets. Mike and Dean had noticed that there was an industry need for modular and flexible software - that not only meets current needs, but is also extendible to meet future goals and growth. As such, our software is custom tailored to meet our clients’ individual requirements.  Like the pieces of a three-dimensional cube, our services fit and interlock into a fully customisable, integrated solution.  
  • About Dean Casey   Dean began his career in financial services software development as a consultant to companies in the United Kingdom. While there he identified a trend within financial services organisations to build siloed ICT infrastructures, with applications and systems that do not integrate or share information. As a result, separate business units were not communicating effectively with other areas of the organisation and could not effectively achieve corporate goals in this fashion. The understanding of this requirement as a local need and Dean’s experience in the financial trading market led to the launch of Nutcracker, and the development of a number of applications and services for trading environments to allow organisations in this sector to harness the power of information and make informed trading decisions.
  • About Mike Casey Excited about the potential for this product offering in the South African market Mike decided to postpone his retirement and lend the weight of his extensive business experience to the company. Mike's solid career has led him from occupying financial and general mangement positions in the corporate world for two decades to 10 years of being a self employed international commodities trader and after that negotiating multi-million rand private equity deals. His involvement with Nutcracker has ensured a stable financial foundation for the company coupled with a sustainable business organisation.