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October 22, 2018
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Nutcracker - Web TraderPro Organisational Benefits

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Nutcracker - Web TraderPro Organisational Benefits

WebTraderPro provides a cost-effective combination of a data viewing and research portal for which Nutcracker supplies the data feeds and does the user admin and your own order routing facilities. Depending on the trading feeds you have available Web TraderPro users are able to trade in multiple markets and multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives and international markets.

Both the full market data and order routing facilities are available real-time. Data viewing screens include: watchlists, stock information, indices, market stats and news. Technical Analysis functionality is available on request. 

Organisational Benefits

  • A high-performance, high-quality, trading tool for the professional on the move, day traders and retail trading clients
  • Accessible using any web browser based device including: desktops, tablets and smart phones
  • Designed for speed and high performance
  • Is easily accessible from any location with web connectivity
  • Gives the business the ability to expand their offering to their clients and traders at a lower cost with easy access

Nutcracker Technologies (Pty) Ltd is an information technology specialist for companies in the financial services sector that require real-time access to financial markets and supporting information for trading and portfolio management functions and processes.

Our clients, both retail and institutional are widely classified as Professional Stock Brokers, Fund / Asset / Portfolio Managers for Private Client Wealth Platforms, Compliance and Settlement Managers, and back office Administrators. Our geography spans South Africa, select SADC and EAC member countries. 

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NUTCRACKER is your technology partner that will give you the edge in a competitive business environment. /

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