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October 22, 2018
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Nutcracker - PortfolioPro Dashboards, how can they help you ?

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Nutcracker - PortfolioPro Dashboards, how can they help you ?

PortfolioPro Dashboards offer visual representations of your company’s health and performance. This enables you, as an executive, manager, user, to make instantaneous and informed business decisions. You can quickly gauge performance sensitivities and correlations via a one-window instrument cluster that includes a range of graphical widgets, charts and other key performance indicators.

The layout of the dashboard is driven by your specific business requirements and is highly customisable. PortfolioPro Dashboards easily process all the data sources available to you, including your investments (local and offshore across all asset classes) and internal databases and systems. For more detailed information, simply drill down from your high level overview dashboard into lower level data. Typical dashboard widgets include Assets under Management by source/asset class/currencies, trading activity, portfolio performance, sector and currency weightings, fees earned, client activity and much more. 

PortfolioPro Dashboards are accessible via the web on most devices making them available to you anywhere, anytime.

Our clients, both retail and institutional are widely classified as Professional Stock Brokers, Fund / Asset / Portfolio Managers for Private Client Wealth Platforms, Compliance and Settlement Managers, and back office Administrators. Our geography spans South Africa, select SADC and EAC member countries. 

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