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October 22, 2018
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Nutcracker Welcomes New Clients

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Nutcracker Welcomes New Clients

We are proud to introduce the following new clients:

Stylo Investments
Stylo Investments is using Nutcracker’s Portfolio Management Solution, PortfolioPro, to manage their client’s local and offshore investments. Shares traded on the JSE and via SAXO Bank Capital Markets are imported seamlessly into PortfolioPro on a daily basis. Monthly Custom Consolidated Statements are available in PortfolioPro. Stylo Investments has extended their service offering by combining PortfolioPro with Nutcracker’s Web Portal Solution. Statement customizations and new web modules were developed for Stylo Investments.

Mr. David Shochot, CEO of Stylo Investments, had the following to say about Nutcracker. "We reviewed a few portfolio management systems and chose Nutcracker. We were impressed with Nutcracker's core platform and the ability to customise reports."


Nutcracker has proven and delivered an advanced and powerful portfolio management system that meets Stylo’s unique requirements.


Gryphon Asset Management

Mr. Pankie Kellerman, Group Chief Executive Officer at Gryphon Financial Services, contacted their prime stock broker for a service/feed to import online share prices into Excel. The stock broker, which is an existing Nutcracker client, subsequently approached Nutcracker to accommodate Pankie with a solution as per his request. Nutcracker was able to provide a solution to Pankie and created the online share feed service called “Nexcel”.


This is an additional service for existing Nutcracker clients, as it is using services from the central Nutcracker system, CMS, on the Nexus hosting platform. The service is aimed at Portfolio Managers at both retail and institutional level as it provides you with live JSE Equities price feed into an Excel sheet. You can subscribe to the following information on JSE Equities, BidVol, Bid, Ask, AskVol, Open, Change, LastPrice, LastVol, LastTime, Low, High.


Cratos Wealth

Mr. Willem Pienaar, Portfolio Manager, who used Nutcracker’s Portfolio Management system, PortfolioPro, during his tenure at SA Stockbrokers, complimented Nutcracker on the user friendliness and robustness of the system.


Willem has since moved on to Cratos Wealth and the need for a Portfolio Management System became more pertinent, especially to calculate Management and Performance Fees on accounts. As a result of Willem’s pleasant past experience using Nutcracker’s products and services, Nutcracker was immediately contacted to implement the same system, PortfolioPro.


Nutcracker will continue by example to strive and produce the best and most affordable systems for the Financial Services industry complimented by impeccable service delivery. We are looking forward to a long and satisfying client business relationship with all of the above new clients. 

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